Some Thoughts About Choosing a Career For a Highly Sensitive Person

It seems that career choice, career change, either forced or self-imposed, is a very timely topic. Here are some important questions to consider. Can you incorporate your passion into your work life? Would you like to pursue another line of work? Are you burnt out or are you bored? Would you like to start your own business?

Here are some career thoughts to think about. They include:

* If you’re unemployed, work through anxiety by seeking professional help. Put some joy in your life, rather than turning your situation into a catastrophe. Accept your circumstance, and work with it the best way you can. Continue reading “Some Thoughts About Choosing a Career For a Highly Sensitive Person”

Wise advice from Suzanne Falter-Barns

Here’s some wise advice for highly sensitive people from a lecture that I attended in February 9, 2000 from Suzanne Falter-Barns, the author of How Much Joy Can You Stand?

* A quote from Vasari… “Talent and effort go together or if they do not, the talent will be wasted.”

* There’s no such day as some day.

* Pursuing a dream can be easier than thinking about it.

* How much commitment do you have to your dream?

* How can you re-arrange your life to follow your dream?

* Surrender and trust your dream.

* Use your intuition to guide you where you need to go.

* Effort doesn’t have to be a struggle. Continue reading “Wise advice from Suzanne Falter-Barns”

Cliff Harwin’s Interview With Grace Kerina

Here’s an interview that I had done with Grace Kerina in 2009:

I would imagine that working in the pest control industry would be difficult for a highly sensitive person for a variety of reasons, such as being around pesticides and killing insects and rodents. Is it? If so, how do you manage?

I’ve been in the pest control industry for over thirty years. I first became involved with the industry when I started working in my father’s business. I eventually started my own company and have been self-employed for twenty-nine years. I didn’t have a great desire to start my own business, but I realized that it was the best way for me to “survive” and sustain myself. I didn’t know that I was a HSP at the time, but my instincts told me I needed to be in a situation where I could control my work environment at my own pace. I would strongly suggest to your readers that they might be happier and more productive in their own business or in a position where they have a lot of independence.

My pest control work involves taking care of insect and rodent problems in homes and businesses. I truly feel that I’m in a helping profession. We HSPs are very helpful people! I help people by protecting them from the diseases that some insects and rodents can cause and also by protecting their properties from damage. The first thing I do is make recommendations for preventing pest problems, such as making repairs or checking for infested food products. I don’t indiscriminately use pesticides or rodenticides. I’m certified by the State of New Jersey and only use products that are approved by The Environmental Protection Agency. I see myself as an environmentalist. Continue reading “Cliff Harwin’s Interview With Grace Kerina”

Would you like to be self-employed?

Would you like to be self-employed? I made a conscious decision at a young age to have my own business. I didn’t necessarily have a burning desire to do this, but I decided it was the best way to support myself. Being the non-conformist that I am, I found it more stressful to work for someone else than to be self-employed.

Here are some advantages of self-employment:

* You set your own schedule and choose your own hours. As a highly sensitive person, I needed to have the flexibility to work at my own pace.

* You don’t have to ask permission to do anything. I never liked to ask permission for anything. This includes seeking permission from my parents and teachers. Continue reading “Would you like to be self-employed?”

Do you need some tips to find your passion?

Do you need some tips to find your passion? The most common question that I get asked is…How do I find my passion? It’s critical that deep-thinking, creative highly sensitive people find their passion to have more meaning in their lives. Don’t we highly sensitive people have a burning desire to utilize our strengths/abilities to the maximum of our potential?

What is passion? It’s a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or strong desire to do something. Some people search a lifetime to figure out what makes them excited and motivated. They do so because they don’t make it a priority to take the time to figure out what they want. Continue reading “Do you need some tips to find your passion?”