Do you need some ways to get things done?

Do you need some ways to get things done? Here are some of my thoughts about this. They are as follows:

* Focus on what’s truly important. I know from personal experience that I’m more productive when I focus on tasks that are crucial to getting the job done. I’m guilty of spending too much time being sidetracked by unimportant and unessential activities that distract me from what I want to accomplish. Concentrate on activities that bring returns proportionate to the time and energy you put into them.

* Don’t put off disliked tasks. Do you ever put off unpleasant tasks that you simply don’t like to do? They are energy drainers that deplete your ability to focus on the important ones. Lighten your emotional and physical well-being by getting them finished and out of your way.

* Don’t waste time in making a decision. Decision making is about the most fatiguing mental activity in which one can indulge. A proper evaluation of the facts gathered and not being afraid to make a decision is needed. Especially if you’re a conscientious person. It’s better in the long-term to be wrong and make adjustments later. You won’t be productive if you take more time to think about doing something than to make a decision and take action.

* Stop accepting your excuses. Don’t make excuses for not finishing something. Making an excuse is an attempt to avoid responsibility for doing something that you know you should do. Take a step back and review the excuses that you’ve made or did you call them reasons for not taking action? Are you honestly being fair with yourself? Are you giving yourself a chance to do things?

What are some ways that you get things done? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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