Do you know the secret to getting something done?

Do you know the secret to getting something done? It’s very easy to become overwhelmed when you need or want to accomplish something. A task or objective might seem out of reach because of the many details involved. As a highly sensitive person, can you relate to this feeling?

Four months ago, I was faced with the daunting task of being the executor of my mother’s estate. There were many details that needed to be done. I thought, how am I going to this? My first reaction was, what was the most important thing that needed to be done first?

I had not done this before so I needed to research and ask knowledgeable people about the steps that needed to be taken. I’m pleased to say that I was able to settle most of the details in the period of time that I had planned.

The secret of getting things done is to set priorities. Do the most important thing first and go to the next steps in order to accomplish what you want. Setting priorities is the only way to make progress in any area of your life. Whether you’re organizing your home or deciding what you want to do with your time and life. What is important to you? This will determine what you want to focus on.

Setting priorities will create balance in your life that will cut down on stress. This will enable you to have a clearer mind to focus on what’s truly important to you. You’ll have more control and you’ll be more productive. Isn’t that what we highly sensitive people need?

Do you set priorities in your life or do you focus on the needless details that hinder your progress? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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