Do you get the rest that you need?

Do you get the rest that you need? Highly sensitive people like myself, sometimes get too involved with the complexities of life. Taking the time to recharge your emotional and physical batteries is crucial to your well-being and productivity.

How do know when you need to rest? Here are some examples when I’m rest deprived. They are as follows:

* I get very irritable and am not able to focus on the things that are important to me.

* I don’t have the patience or the need to be around others.

* I’m not a very pleasant person to be around.

* My immune system is depleted and I have frequent illnesses.

* I have a harder time making decisions.

* I more eat foods that aren’t good for me.

Here’s a poem that will inspire you to get the rest that you need:

Rest Is All I Need … C.J Russell

Rest is all I need –

Time for myself

Time to find new and clearer direction.

Time to find peace…

These days the wheels spin incessantly,

making such demands on my life

that I sometimes feel powerless

to take control.

My very nature seems programmed

to resist time for reflection;

To resist the pause in a day

that might allow me to touch

My most quiet place.

But rest assured,

that place is there,


waiting patiently within.


I’ll take time for myself

to be with me.

And I’ll relax in the certainty that

Rest will render that which I need

to accomplish the things

I, truly, must.

Do you get the rest that you need? Can you relate to any examples that I gave about being rest deprived? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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