#Highly Sensitive People: Is this a lack of common sense or stupidity?

Is this a lack of common sense or stupidity? A friend of mine, who is a very conscientious and hard worker, recently told me about the tips he received while working in the food service industry in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He told me that he wasn’t sure which was worse for him at work, the grapefruit sized cramp in his left calf or the tips he was getting. His examples included $1.50 on $33, $1 on $51, and $4 on $56.

I was outraged how people could be so insensitive! I asked my friend if these people lacked common sense or was this a clear case of stupidity? He replied that he thought that these people felt that they were doing the right thing.

I felt that my friend was being too generous in his opinion of these people. I thought that these people were too stupid to know what the right thing was! Am I being too judgmental of others? Am I being “too sensitive” about this?

Serving the public in a restaurant setting is difficult on a physical and emotional level. The servers deserve our respect and monetary consideration!

Did my friend’s customers show a lack of common sense or were they stupid? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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One Response to #Highly Sensitive People: Is this a lack of common sense or stupidity?

  1. Kristie says:

    I truly feel that this generation and especially the newest generation are totally clueless when it comes to manners, service or common sense at times. I learned from my father and fiancee that 15% is a good tip when receiving good service (which if you ask me is lacking a little these days). However, for those that do provide good service they deserve at least that. With so many people having cell phones that come with a calculator tool there is no excuse for not figuring it out. In my observation the general pubic as a whole are ungrateful for what they receive and expect too much at times. I don’t know if I would call it stupidity or just laziness.

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