Do you have afternoon crash?

Do you have afternoon crash? I certainly do! My energy starts to get depleted between two and four in the afternoon. I recently read an article by nutritionist, Nancy Clark, RD that’s been helpful to me. I also plan my activity or non-activity on my mental and physical capacities.

She stated that most people tend to get hungry every three to four hours, so if you eat breakfast at eight A.M. and lunch at noon, your body needs to chow down around three P.M. or you risk getting a fuzzy, tired feeling.

Don’t reach for a bag of pretzels. For a sustained release of energy that lasts until dinnertime, make this midday snack a mini meal that contains a balance of protein, fat, and complex carbohydrates.

Aim for approximately 300 hundred calories–enough to keep you satisfied but not stuffed. Try a peanut butter and honey sandwich on whole-wheat bread with a glass of low-fat milk, a granola bar, yogurt, or some apple slices. You’ll stave off fatigue and you’ll be far less likely to binge on junk food later in the day.

Do you have afternoon crash? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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