#Highly Sensitive People: Do you get enough sleep?

Do you get enough sleep? Proper Sleep is an important part of self-care. Sleep guards us against heart disease, increased risk of illness, poor work performance, mood problems like depression, anger and irritability, and risk of unhealthy weight gain and loss.

How many hours do you need?

12-14 hours
Preschoolers 11-13 hours
School-age children 10-11 hours
Adolescents 9-10 hours
Adults 7-9 hours
How much sleep should you get? There is no magic number. Individual needs vary, and age also plays a role. Use the previous recommendations as a guideline.

Source: The National Sleep Foundation

Do you get enough sleep? I don’t! When I’m irritable, not concentrating well, and feel lethargic, I make sure that I get enough sleep. I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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