Shouldn’t life be easier?

Shouldn’t life be easier? I’ve ask myself this questions many times. Just when I think that I have myself together and things are going well, something seems to upset my little life apple cart!

Wouldn’t you think that as you get older, life would be easier and simpler? Not necessarily! With each passing year there are new challenges, new changes, including world changes and personal ones, and new people to personally annoy you. Continue reading “Shouldn’t life be easier?”

Do you regret things that you said in anger?

Do you regret things that you said in anger? I regret some things that I said to my late father, Matthew.

I worked in his business for nine years when I was in my twenties. We were at odds with each other personally and professionally. It’s very ironic that my father and I were very much alike yet the only people we couldn’t get along with were each other. Continue reading “Do you regret things that you said in anger?”