Do you need an attitude adjustment?

Do you need an attitude adjustment? The answer to this question lies in whether your attitude helps or hurts you. Is your life filled with excitement and possibilities or negativity and gloom? It’s important to realize that we can control our feelings.

Unfortunately, we have been programmed to think negatively. If someone asked you to describe yourself, what comes to your mind first? Are you quick to mention your shortcomings or would your more attractive qualities come to mind?

Sadly, many of us are living lives defined by negatives. Such negative thoughts are beliefs as to what we cannot do and have in our lives. There’s no doubt that hardships and individual limitations exist in our lives, clearly positives are present as well. By acknowledging and focusing on what’s positive, we actually promote feelings of happiness. Why not shift your focus to what is positive?

A positive attitude is crucial in allowing us to build the momentum needed to create the lives we envision for ourselves. Here are some thoughts on how you can cultivate a positive outlook on life. They are as follows:

* Take personal responsibility for your life. Your life hinges on the choices that you make. Make the choice to build joy into your life. This should be obvious, but do you make the time to do things that you enjoy or do you savor the experiences when you’re with friends and family?

* Learn from your mistakes. Mistakes are meant to help us learn life’s lessons. It’ll never help you to think negatively about yourself when you make them.

* Associate with positive people. Your attitude and feelings about yourself will increase when you’re around positive and uplifting people.

* Believe in your individual power. Don’t underestimate the strength that you have. Think of the times when you overcame hardships and have become a stronger person because of it.

Do you need an attitude adjustment? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

2 Replies to “Do you need an attitude adjustment?”

  1. Thank you for your page.
    I am a mature professional Artist
    But lately ,my confidence as been effected by some people who have blamed me for something I did,nt do,. and i have always been ,sensitive and always been able to express myself by my art. . but I am finding it hard at the moment,,.
    Thank you for your page. looking forward to your comment. Jennifer Cardy BA.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      You need to question why you are bothered by something you didn’t do. What’s causing your lack of confidence in yourself? Perhaps it’s the company that you keep. How can you seek out and find and associate with more positive and supportive people?

      Expressing yourself with your art is a good way to go. You feel good about yourself and feel a sense of accomplishment. What other activities will uplift you? Maybe changing your current routine will help.

      Please keep me posted on your progress.

      All the Best, Cliff

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