#Highly Sensitive People: Do you have a problem with focus?

Do you have a problem with focus? I know that this is an obvious “yes” for a highly sensitive person! It’s true that it’s not difficult for us to be distracted by the many things that can cause us to be off track.

Random thoughts, family, economic, personal problems, and other chaotic situations compete for our attention. Can we filter out some things and focus on others? We can with the right mindset. Here are some suggestions:

* You need to determine why you want to focus on something. Why is it important to you? Is this the best use of your time at this particular point in time? The more reasons you can give yourself, the more motivated and focused you’ll be.

* If you feel that your focus is waning, perhaps your tired. Concentrating takes the mental effort. Fatigue is an enemy of focus. Get more rest or tackle this project when your mind is clearer.

* Your attention span requires effort and willpower. Sometimes highly sensitive people become bored when something no longer holds their interest. You need to question your motivation towards your desire.

* Be honest with yourself if you’re happier being a starter or a finisher. Your strength might be to start projects and have other people finish them. Perhaps you might be better finishing and maintaining the projects of others. This is important for you to determine. Unfinished projects put an unnecessary burden on you and your ability to focus.

* Put yourself in your best environment to concentrate. Do you need a quiet and uncluttered space? What else can you do to prevent distractions?

* Build in breaks for your focus time. For most of us, concentration drops off after twenty to thirty minutes. To re-energize yourself, stretch or take a short walk.

Do you have a problem with focus? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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