Do you think out of the box?

Do you think out of the box? I read a very interesting Facebook post about a girl scout selling her cookies outside a non-conventional place (marijuana dispensary). To me, this girl is thinking out of the box and being successful by selling 117 boxes in 2 hours!

This story reminds me of a time when my daughter, Stephanie, was selling girl scout cookies. This was a time when girl scout cookies cost $2.25 per box! Anyway, she excitedly came home and told me that she wanted to sell 150 boxes to get a cool sweat shirt. She mentioned that she could start selling on a specific day after school.

I told her that I would take her around the neighborhood to sell her cookies. I mentioned that we should have a specific strategy to sell as many boxes as possible in the time we had available to sell them. In order to do that, we needed to do things that the other children wouldn’t do. We needed to think out of the box. We needed to do things differently.

She looked a little puzzled and didn’t understand what I meant. I explained that all the children in the neighborhood were going to go to the same houses in our area. We lived in a suburban town where the houses were spread out from each other. I suggested that we go to the next town where there were condominiums that were closer together. We could walk and make sales calls to more people in less time. She thought that this was a great idea!

This was her first lesson in thinking out of the box. She accomplished her goal in less time. Do you think out of the box? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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