What would the world be like if it were run by HSPs?

What would the world be like if it were run by HSPs? This is a difficult question to answer. Would a highly sensitive person subject themselves to the abuse that one has to take to run something on a grand scale?

Highly sensitive people are not perfect and are subject to bouts of stupidity and lack of common sense, which prevails in our current political system. With that thought aside, how would things be if HSPs rule the world? Let’s dream shall we?

* There would be no wars. HSPs don’t like conflict. They would use their diplomatic abilities to settle differences to everyone’s benefit.

* There would be accountability. HSPs have a strong sense of justice. They wouldn’t tolerate not being responsible for one’s actions. They would have checks and balances for everything. In this way, nobody can say they don’t know what happened if something goes wrong. There would be stricter punishment for wrongdoers.

* There would be less animal abuse. HSPs have a strong affection and respect for animals. They would have no tolerance for this type of behavior. Stricter rules and punishment would be the order for the day.

* There would be less insensitivity. HSPs would make sure that insensitivity was a stigma in society. There would be harsh consequences for purposely acting badly to others. I’m not saying that we should go the tar and feathering route, but it should be something that would embarrass the hell out of the perpetrator.

What would the world be like if it were run by HSPs? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

5 thoughts on “What would the world be like if it were run by HSPs?”

  1. Wonderfully said as always Cliff. I think that is exactly the kind of world we would all benefit living in. Will one of our HSP’s step up to the plate please? Seriously 🙂

    1. Thank you Kristie!

      It’s true the world would be a better place.

      I’m sorry, but I can’t step up to the plate to fix things. I’d be too overwhelmed trying to fix everything! LOL

  2. I think the overall focus of our world and society would be different. The financial bottom line runs things these days which compromises so many other things- equity, real quality of life, humanity, the environment just everything really. We are all competing to survive as opposed to working together and looking out for each other. I’d imagine things could go too far either way either too sensitive or too “hardy”. I would say that many countries in Europe better exemplify a more “sensitive” approach. Countries that value universal health care taking care of the environment etc.

  3. This really is so succinct and perfect.

    I think, though, I am highly grateful in tandem with my highly sensitive that there ARE those who feel not as deeply. I can see 100 HSP’s coming into a room to fix the world. We all start jumping on the inside trying to figure out whose stuff we’re feeling or we’re all picking up the sound of the buzzing light and become distracted. Haha. Or we start to wonder if we really did leave enough water in the water bowl for our pet.

    I forgot where I read it (or was it a study?) that said (or implied?) those leaning more toward the side of ‘sociopathic’ are the world’s leaders; the businessmen, the decision makers, the ones who can ‘do’ politics well. I do not know if it’s true, but I do know I am grateful for the ‘earth’ people I can tie my balloon string to! 🙂

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