Why do we need politicians?

Why do we need politicians? I think of this question everyday. I listen to the news, I read newspapers and the internet, and I can’t help but wonder how anything gets done. The fact of the matter is that nothing gets done in the way that it’s suppose to.

I’m not against government. I’m against bad government! I believe that we need administrators to make sure that the government is run smoothly and efficiently. In reality, government is a big business. Why can’t it be run like one?

It’s a shame that both political parties have made a mockery of how the government is run. Decisions are based on how it can help a person and/or a political party, rather than what’s best for the country.

We elect our leaders, not by competence, but by who’s the best looking person with the best personality who can raise the most money for their campaign. In other words, a pretty face with a pleasing personality whose a great fund-raiser will win elections. Is this the best way to run a country?

How about having public funded elections to get rid of special interests and wasted time that candidates have to perpetually raise money for a campaign that most people don’t care about. Fewer people are voting in elections.

Maybe have a one term, four-year, limit. In this way a candidate doesn’t have to waste time running for another election. They can actually take steps to do what’s best for the country!

These are a few of my ideas to make things better. Why do we need politicians? We don’t need professional actors. We need the best of the best in their field to run an efficient government.

Thank you for reading my rant. It might not help the situation, but it’s a great way for a highly sensitive person to ease their frustrations.

I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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