What are some characteristics of achievers?

What are some characteristics of achievers? I’m going to list a few of mine. I’m sure that you can relate to them as a highly sensitive person. They are as follows:

* They are more concerned about personal achievement than the rewards of success. This is true for me. I get great satisfaction from doing something well. The monetary reward is secondary, but I’m not against making money and enjoying the benefits and freedom that it provides.

* Achievers seek situations where they can get concrete feedback. They respond favorably to constructive criticism about their work (good and bad). The goal is to do their best work. I personally feel this way. Criticism may hurt sometimes, but I’m sincerely interested in producing the best work that I can.

* True high achievers are not ego driven. They don’t need to be right or have all the answers. They gladly give credit to others when warranted. I’m interested in the best solution to a problem. I don’t have the need to know everything and to be right. I gladly give credit to others.

* Motivated people take the middle ground, preferring a moderate degree of risk. They are not all or nothing thinkers. I must admit that used to be an all or nothing thinker. I’ve learned that life isn’t that way. I have less stress and have made better decisions. Honest HSP question? Have you been an all or nothing thinker? C’mon… be honest now!

What are some of your outstanding achieving characteristics? Write them down and refer to it often. I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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