Are you asking the right questions?

I have a habit of asking myself and others questions about different life situations. When you ask the right questions, you get the right answers. That’s why you see them in all of my posts.

My objective is to get my readers to think about their lives. Food for thought if you will. Highly sensitive people definitely have the standard equipment to question themselves and others. The problem arises when we’re afraid to do so.

Could it be that secretly we don’t want to know the answers? Maybe we’re afraid to face reality because it may hurt too much or we may have to go above our comfort zones? Perhaps we’ve been thinking about certain questions and we’ve become frustrated and overwhelmed.

Here are some of life’s difficult questions:

* Who am I?
* How can I serve others to feel fulfilled?
* Who have I wronged and how can I make it right?
* Am I in the right career?
* Am I in the right relationship?
* What can I do to improve my lot in life?
* Am I setting the right boundaries with others?
* How can I get rid of bitterness?
* What can I do to increase my self-esteem?
* How can I overcome my failures/setbacks?
* How can I better utilize my strengths?
* What questions do I need to ask others who are wrong intentioned?
* How can I speak up to others who have wronged me?

What questions do you need to ask yourself and others? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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