Special Note to Newsletter Subscribers with Gmail Accounts

As you may know, Gmail recently rolled out a newly designed inbox. If you’ve been using the new design, you also know your emails are now being sorted into three tabs — Primary, Social, and Promotions (with two additional tabs, Updates and Forums, also available under your Gmail settings). These tabs appear in a horizontal bar just above the first email in your inbox list.

You may also have noticed that newsletters or marketing emails that you have subscribed to, such as my newsletter, Highly Sensitive Thoughts, now appear in your Promotions or Updates tab. Unless you remember to check all your tabs, you can miss emails. If you’d rather my newsletter end up in your Primary tab, it’s simple to tell Gmail where these emails should go.

Here’s how to ensure you don’t miss my emails:
*Drag and drop my email into your Primary tab and click “yes” when Gmail asks if you’d like future messages from this email address to go to your Primary tab.

I hope this information helps. If you have any additional questions please let me know. Thanks!

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One Response to Special Note to Newsletter Subscribers with Gmail Accounts

  1. Thank you. I hate the new format. I actually hate a lot of the ‘redesign’ decisions they have made and launched … with NO alternative for users.

    I’m a relatively new subscriber to your newsletters and am very glad I stumbled across it and signed up. Keep up the great work.

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