Is life like driving?

While driving last night, I conceived the idea of comparing my ride with our travels through life. The road was empty and without traffic lights. All I could see before me was reflective road stripes.

As I watched the road, an idea suddenly came to me. We can compare ourselves with an automobile forging its way through the night. The road behind us is filled with the experiences and mishaps of life. It’s known to us because we have already traveled it.

The road before us…our future…is dark except for the small part which we may be able to foretell, but even that is uncertain. We can only imagine what will happen. The fear of the unknown is very distressing to us all.

How do we keep from getting lost? Perhaps we need to formulate our own life road map. Maybe have a plan and set a goal somewhere in that darkness of uncertainty. Yes, that’s it! We will reach our destination with a plan of action. Without it, we will become lost forever. We will never find our true destination.

As we drive through life, we see the tail light of the person in front of us. Can we overtake and pass this obstacle? We approach closer, and in a sudden burst of perseverance, we pass the car and soon leave it far behind us.

There are “crazy drivers” on the road. These people speed, cut you off, and will tailgate you. They are dangerous and will be a bad influence on you. Beware and keep your distance from them!

Roadblocks and detours are up ahead. Still more obstacles to overcome! These are setbacks and disappointments that can take us off course. If we stay calm and don’t get flustered, we can maneuver around them. These temporary distractions make us stronger and help us through “stormy” weather.

Oh, no! There’s the sound of a police car! I guess that we’ve been speeding or have gone through a traffic light. That’s what happens when we don’t pay attention and lose focus. The consequences are getting into trouble and making avoidable mistakes.

Up ahead is a toll booth. The toll booth symbolizes the price we pay in terms of the effort and commitment we make to take us where we want to go.

A glow in the distance! Closer and closer we come, and suddenly we see our destination before us. In that moment of pure enjoyment of success, we set another goal and make other plans. We can build upon our past experience and use it as a stepping stone for future successes.

Is life like driving? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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