If you want to be a writer…write…right?

You want to write a book, but can’t finish, what’s holding you back? Maybe you feel that you haven’t written enough words, perhaps you’ve written too many words, or you can’t write any words.

You can’t be afraid or second guess yourself about any of these things. Kick perfectionism to the curb. It has no place in your writing career. It will only make you a frazzled mess that will make you lose focus.

Focus is the main buzz word that you need to remember. Make an outline of the topics that you feel your reader needs to know about. Address the problems of your target audience.

How long does your book need to be? It needs to be long enough to discuss the topic thoroughly and short enough for your audience to stay engaged and actually read your book. Something to consider is people are on tight schedules and don’t have enough time to read.

I took this into consideration when I wrote my book, Making Sense of Your High Sensitivity. I wanted to create a book that was in an easy to read format that could be referred to over and over again.



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