How do you handle annoying people?

Are their times when people get under your skin? Do they push all of your emotional and physical buttons? I’m sure that we can all relate to this.

Well my friends I have the cure for this unpleasant aspect in our lives. Are you ready…here it is…KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS! That’s right don’t feed into an annoying person’s need to get you angry and out of balance. Continue reading “How do you handle annoying people?”

Are you growing into your true self?

Are you growing into your true self? This sounds like an odd question doesn’t it? By growing into your true self I mean, acting like you want to be and taking actions needed to be or do what you want to accomplish.

This isn’t an easy task when you’re starting something new and unfamiliar. You have to be unafraid to make mistakes and looking foolish. Being open to criticism is also part of the process. Continue reading “Are you growing into your true self?”

If you want to be a writer…write…right?

You want to write a book, but can’t finish, what’s holding you back? Maybe you feel that you haven’t written enough words, perhaps you’ve written too many words, or you can’t write any words.

You can’t be afraid or second guess yourself about any of these things. Kick perfectionism to the curb. It has no place in your writing career. It will only make you a frazzled mess that will make you lose focus. Continue reading “If you want to be a writer…write…right?”

What are you putting off?

Have you ever had a task that you’ve been putting off? Does it make you feel guilty and uneasy? Do you have a strong sense of non-completion that you seem to have a lot of loose ends? I know that everyone can relate to these questions.

My wife and I are in the process of better organizing our house. Just the thought of this makes us feel overwhelmed. We’ve been living in our house over thirty years. We’re collectors of everything! The thought of us actually parting with something is very nerve-wracking indeed! Continue reading “What are you putting off?”