Is perfectionism good or bad?

What is perfectionism? Perfectionism is defined as a meticulous drive to attain excellence. My next question is…At what cost are you willing to attain excellence?

Perfectionism is generally regarded as good and desirable. Imperfection in business is perceived as bad or negative. This false perception hinders the creative process which in turn stifles the productivity of the business. How can you succeed, if you’re afraid of not being perfect?

If you’re perfectionist, it’s important to question why you are one. Could it be that you were criticized, and because of that, you strived to be perfect? Whatever the reason, you need to examine the cause.

I’m not suggesting that trying to do something well is bad. I am suggesting at what cost, physically and emotionally, are you willing to attain perfection?

Why can’t you do something well without sapping your energy? Sometimes good enough IS really good enough! That’s something that we all need to determine. Life isn’t fun or productive when you’re unable to feel satisfaction because you never seem to do things well enough to warrant that feeling of contentment. Can you relate to this? What do you think?

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