Do you have a strategy for your best life?

Everybody has a good idea what makes them cheerful, optimistic, and productive. Do you take the time to incorporate these important elements in your life? Do you get caught up in existing rather than living a life that would make you happier?

Make the time to figure out the elements of what would make you happy. What would make your life more meaningful, enjoyable, inspiring, and interesting? This crucial first step will put you in the proper mindset to have a plan. Here are some things to consider and examine:

• Do you associate with people who uplift and motivate you? If so, how can you get together with them more frequently? What specific activities can you plan? If you need to make new friends, what kind of groups, activities, or places can you connect with who will fulfill your needs?
• Do you have hobbies? If so, you can meet other like-minded people through this activity. Seek out ways to find events.
• Be helpful. Volunteer in services, monetarily, or other forms such as being a good friend, lending a shoulder to cry on, or offering a sympathetic ear to listen to. Do it for the sake of giving without expecting anything in return. This will increase your self-worth and give you an enormous sense of contentment and joy. Volunteering and perhaps taking temporary jobs will provide you with different options to find out what you’d love to do.
• Seek counseling or get different points of view from people that you trust. It’s very easy to get caught up in our limited thinking. Sometimes it helps to have other people remind us of our unlimited possibilities.
• Find the humor in life and laugh often. Humor and laughter keeps you upbeat and motivated. It also helps you to not take life too seriously.
• Look at the lessons that can be derived from misfortunes. Mistakes allow you to learn and see opportunities hidden behind adversities. Seek meaning in every event in your life. Value every lesson that you learn.

Life has its share of troubles, disasters, and misfortunes. Bad news exists and it disturbs the mind. Totally ignoring it may not always be the answer to approach life in a realistic manner. However, you can find balance by having other things in your life that will make you happy.

Make a conscious effort to have a plan for your most meaningful and pleasurable life. Make plans now! If you’re not as happy as you’d like, make plans today! What are you waiting for? What specific things can you do now? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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