Why don’t you satisfy your creative urges?

Highly sensitive people are naturally very creative. Why is it that many of us don’t take the time to utilize and enjoy this natural resource?

Perhaps irrational inhibitions stifle our creativity. Maybe we don’t have confidence with our numerous creative attributes. How will you know what you’re capable of unless you try?

Creativity requires patience and a willingness to work for a creative outcome. You can’t wait for inspiration to happen. You have to start writing, painting, or any other creative endeavour that you have. I’m a writer. My real writing comes from my re-writing. I put words to paper and redo some words that I’ve done. Simple isn’t it?

Being afraid of being judged is a major concern for all of us. I understand that I open myself to criticism when I put my writing out there with my books, blog posts, articles, newsletter, and Facebook and Twitter posts. I’ve made peace with myself that I’m not perfect and that everyone isn’t going to love what I write about. I do the best I can and whatever happens, happens.

Distractions and necessities of daily life is a major challenge for most of us. Don’t we find the time to eat and sleep? How about making the time to ignite our creativity? Surely you can the spend time exploring your talents and finding your creative path.

I got this very insightful post on The Highly Sensitive Person Publishing Company Facebook page… “I’ve spent most of my life thinking I was satisfying my creative urges, but finally realized they weren’t mine.” How many of us can relate to this? It’s definitely worth thinking about!

I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.


10 thoughts on “Why don’t you satisfy your creative urges?”

  1. Well I think being a extrvort HSP is amazing. But have problems being creative because I sometimes don’t have the money or have a really hard time taking care of myself. I am too busy taking care of others

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Most HSPs are introverts. I’m not an extrovert, but I do have many introverted qualities. I don’t consider this a bad thing, it’s just who I am.

      You don’t need to have money to be creative. Just make the time to do do things that make you happy. I’m sure you can fit this into your busy schedule. You deserve some happiness in your life.

  2. I have been writing for a very long time, even though my learning disability has kept me from being “skilled”. I have been trying to heal with creative writing, fiction. I have been blogging more so lately.
    The non-HSP world have made it difficult for me to try getting anything published but I keep writing. I was even told the story I write is very good but my confidence keeps me back. I will continue to write even if it is just for myself. I am learning more about HSP and adding that knowledge to my writings. The hardest thing is besides learning and reading about HSP on line, I do know have anyone around to talk with.

    1. Hi Lori,

      You are a writer! You need to believe this. You can be a published writer if this is what you truly want. You can get help for anything.

      I want to encourage you to keep writing. The World needs what you have to say. To be in contact with other HSPs go to my Facebook page. Feel free to contact me for more information.

  3. Hi,

    I’m a sales and marketing manager for a flowmeter company family owned by analytical driver types. Horrible, heading for a crash. I am highly creative, play guitar and sing in a country bluegrass band. I have a deep passion for the African bush and love to travel. I have won prose composition awards and write my own music.
    The current problem is a huge debt burden, so I feel trapped in a destructive environment. What to do?

    1. Do what you need to do to take care of your finances. Make time to tap into your creative talents in your spare time. You don’t have to stop doing what you love to do. You never know where it will lead you.

  4. Hi Cliff,
    It’s been a year odd since your higgly constructive advice. I’ve somehow landed a very satisfying and quite well paid sunday afternoon gig in a gorgeous setting, with many wedding bookings coming up as a result. Money and music, wow! I suddenly hve self esteem and confidence. I believe in myself again. I just need to do it full time.

    Thank you

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