Boston Marathon Bombing…what is going on?

I just heard that there were three explosions at the Boston Marathon this afternoon. I was shocked about the event and was also concerned that my Aunt Vicky, who lives twenty minutes away, might have been injured. Thank goodness, she’s fine.

How can something like this happen? I ask myself this question whenever I hear about tragic stories.  I can’t relate to anybody purposely wanting to hurt anyone. How can there be so much hate in this world?

It’s still undetermined who did this, but it’s clearly an incident where someone or organization wanted to purposely harm others. The authorities are taking precautions in other parts of the country, including high profile areas such as New York City.

Whenever something like this happens, September 11, 2001, comes to mind. I live about an hour away from the World Trade Center. I was horrified to see the death and destruction on that day.

Fortunately for us, the world is made up of good and descent people. I’m confident that whoever did this will be brought to justice. The United States and the World will overcome this! My question still remains…What is going on?

I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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