Do You Take Responsibility For Your Life?

It seems that taking responsibility for one’s actions is becoming a thing of the past. When did being a victim of one’s circumstances preclude people from taking an active part in improving their lives? How and when did this happen?

I recently heard on the radio that it’s a sign of weakness to apologize to someone when you make a mistake. Forget about asking for forgiveness! Why does trying to correct an honest mistake make a person appear weak? I’m personally appalled by this kind of thinking.

Being a victim is a universal trend that is killing the spirit and productivity of the world. Everyone seems to be a victim! How many times have you heard….”I’m a victim of my childhood upbringing”, I’m a victim because of this disease or illness, I’m a victim because I haven’t had the opportunities that others have had, etc., etc.

Everyone has their “stuff”. At some point, a person has to realize that they are responsible for what happens to them in their future. There will always be people who will sympathize and help keep people feeling sorry for themselves. As well-meaning as people can be, it’s cruel to enable people to perpetuate their victim hood.

I do have hope for this society! I’m encouraged by people having the courage to admit and ask forgiveness when it’s warranted. Despite the pressure of appearing weak. I’m encouraged when I see countless stories of people overcoming their dismal circumstances and come back a stronger and better person.

Am I being a highly sensitive idealistic unrealistic person or is there hope for us? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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