Can You “Profit” From Your Misery?

When people think that they are miserable, they automatically think that this is a bad thing. Why not take the time to see where the source of your misery is coming from? What is really bothering you?

If your distress is coming from everyday aggravation that you can’t control, take a step back and think about what this is doing to you. Do you really need to obsess about things that you have no control over?

If your angst is coming from your inability to take appropriate action to get the things that you want in life, you should be aware of this. When you specifically know what you want, you can have a specific plan of action.

Misery is a common emotion that can either paralyze your thinking and actions or it can motivate you to re-think your lot in life and to do something about it. You have the ability to choose to make your misery work for you or against you.

Have you ever felt terrible and not known why? Have you ever argued with, or hated someone for no good reason? Have you ever driven in your car and acted irrationally (road rage)? The main reason that these things happen is because you’re not plugged into your feelings.

If you feel terrible, there is a good reason for it. If you act irrationally toward someone for no good reason, there is a good reason. What is really causing your unrest? Make the time to think and reflect. This is how you uncover the true cause of your feelings. Why not use your misery to your benefit and not to your detriment?

There’s good misery and bad misery. Good misery is the type of misery that causes you a sufficient amount of unrest to take action and do something constructive to rid yourself of your pain. Bad misery comes in the form of tragedy that is sometimes beyond our control. It can come in the form of sickness, death of a loved one, or a situation where we made a mistake and it costs us dearly in one form or another.

You can learn a great deal about yourself and life when you learn to “profit” from your misery. Misery is another way to learn life’s lessons. Your misery may stem from obstacles that you have. What would life be without obstacles? It would be hopeless, boring and meaningless. Obstacles keep us on our toes. They make us stronger to face life’s challenges. They also provide us with clarity, meaning and motivation to have more interesting and productive lives.

Misery is the fuel that gets your motivational engine going and will help you live your “true” life. It creates a burning desire to get rid of your pain. This will enable you to take the actions that are necessary to get what you want.

It’s important that you take the time to think about your most productive times when you took the initiative to make major decisions or changes in your life. You may be surprised to learn that the impetus behind this change was a “good swift kick of misery” that got you going.

Hardships can bring out the best and the worst in us. We can grow finer through our difficulties or we can digress and deteriorate. It’s the difficult things in our lives that build up our courage and stamina. Life is a series of choices. How do you want to use your “misery”? The choice is ultimately yours. Choose wisely.

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