Do You Need To Explain Your High Sensitivity?

I never thought I needed to explain my high sensitivity. If something bothered or irritated me that I was very “sensitive” to, I would let that person know I wasn’t happy.

Sometimes I handled it in a proper and calm way and explained why something bothered me. I didn’t mention my sensitivity.

More times than I’d like to admit, I didn’t handle it in a civilized manner. If someone commented that I was “too sensitive” about something, I would retort “yes I am sensitive, and I don’t like what you said”, in a not so nice tone of voice. I would then explain what was bothering me. Hey, I never said I was perfect! Although we HSPs try to be. Why is that?

It’s been easier for me to stand up for myself as I get older, wiser and more self-confident. Being highly sensitive is a term that describes the way I am. I don’t see it as a label that needs to be explained or apologized for.

You open yourself to possible ridicule if you try to defend your sensitivity. Who needs that? I’ll take the path of least resistance to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Is it important for you to mention your high sensitivity to others? If so, why so? Has this helped or hurt you?

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